Buried on Avenue B

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Buried on Avenue B: A Novel (Darlene O'Hara Series)

Her son is a college drop out with aspirations to be in a band, which constantly worries her, but she is unable to criticise as he is the product of a teenage pregnancy named after her favourite rock star. Added to this she is trying to prove her worth in a division where normally the most complex homicide is a stabbing between friends or a domestic dispute. Peter de Jonge is best known for his collaborations with James Patterson, but in this book and its predecessor, he demonstrates his skill in his own right as a crime craftsman. The narrative is well structured and the main characters are nicely three dimensional with some interesting quirks and a slice of humour which can be lacking in police procedurals.

[PDF Download] Buried on Avenue B: A Novel (Darlene O'Hara Series) [PDF] Full Ebook

The story is not without its flaws, but is entertaining, non linear and unpredictable which keeps a seasoned crime reader interested and reading to the last page. I will be looking for the next Darlene outing!

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He lives in New York City. No comments:. He lives in New York, where his crime novels are set.

Buried on Avenue B

Peter de Jonge was born in Stamford, Connecticut , and except for three years in Switzerland as a child, grew up there. As a teenager, he was a highly ranked tennis player and competed in the National Juniors in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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His father, Alfred de Jonge, was born in Frankfurt, Germany , where he escaped the Holocaust in , then returned eight years later with the U. Army to help defeat the German forces. His mother Jane de Jonge is an artist.

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In the mid-eighties, while employed as a copywriter at J. When those pieces came to the attention of James Patterson, an executive at JWT who was just establishing himself as a best selling author, he hired de Jonge to be the first of his many co-authors on the golf novel Miracle on the 17th Green Donna Torres.

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Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B
Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B
Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B
Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B
Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B
Buried on Avenue B Buried on Avenue B

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